who we serve

We’re proud to work with open-minded folx and changemakers across a wide array of industries who want to diversify the way they communicate and connect. These tend to be…

Bilingual Outreach Guidance, Editorial Consulting & Strategic Storytelling 

For those who care deeply about telling stories differently

with initiatives and missions that focus on BIPOC-, Latino/a/x-, or sustainability-related issues

seeking meaningful ways to diversify and improve their coverage of Latine issues

committed to expanding equity, improving diversity initiatives, and making a positive impact

seeking a bilingual consultant to bring sound, inclusion-focused engagement strategies to their accounts 

how we help...

From producing compelling stories and inclusive brand content—to helping you develop engaging Latinx marketing strategies—if it’s rooted in the goal of creating a more equitable playing field, it’s right up our alley. We love stepping up to the plate for…

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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DEI Trainings, Workshops & Appearances

Bilingual multimedia pieces | Journalistic interviews & stories | Podcasts |
Documentary-style brand videos |

For those committed to producing content that hands the megaphone over to diverse voices—our team will come up with a research-backed concept and strategy; identify guests; gather imagery; prepare, conduct, and transcribe interviews; and engineer and edit everything into one deeply compelling audio or video package.

Psst…already have videographers and simply need someone to manage the project? Not a problem. We’ll step in to handle interviews, design a story arc, and—if needed—act as bilingual on-camera talent (we love getting back to our roots as a reporter).

Because the work we do for each client is completely custom, project budgets vary greatly—but you can expect the investment to start at $15,000.

Deepening relationships with Latinx communities has incredible benefits for your organization—both economically and otherwise. We’ll develop marketing, digital, and community outreach strategies to help you hit your campaign or engagement objectives. These are always based on extensive research, an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, our lived experiences as Latinx community members—and, of course, a solid foundation of audience identification research (because different Spanish-speaking demographics are incredibly nuanced and diverse).

From working on public-health campaigns that needed to reach Hispanic communities in meaningful ways—to helping brands create original content for Spanish-speaking audiences (rather than simply hitting that tempting “translate” button)—our work in this realm is extensive, far-reaching, and always rooted in expanding your impact.

Investment typically begins at: $35,000.

Keynote addresses | DEIAB leadership trainings & workshops

Our founder’s 2017 TEDx talk: “I’m Mexican. Does that change your assumptions about me?” opened up a whole new world for us: our love of on-stage storytelling. From giving diversity-focused keynote addresses—to running DEI workshops—we’re happy to put our storytelling skills, extensive DEI experience, and gift of gab to work for your organization in a way that engages your audience, leads to meaningful conversations, and encourages positive change.

Investment typically begins at: $5,000.

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to impactful content that furthers your mission and makes a meaningful difference.