About Vancourage

We are storytellers and strategists who untangle information, follow the threads, and weave inclusive narratives with intention and integrity. Our commitment to putting diverse perspectives at the forefront helps organizations like yours amplify and energize the good work you’re all about.

We use the power of inclusive storytelling and branding to advance the (already great) work you’re doing

About you

You’re here because you’re doing the work—and you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you take things to the next level of impact. An experienced journalist who can produce content that reflects your values by centering the voices and lived experiences of folx who often are excluded. A trusted storyteller who asks the right questions and comes up with smart solutions rooted in fresh perspectives. An experienced Latinx marketer with the lived experiences, editorial acumen, and bilingual skills you need to make a positive, lasting impact on this world.

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But first...

Sound about right? If so, Vancourage was built for you—and you belong right here.

We are a force committed to listening, learning, and leading. We are not afraid to raise our hand, our voices, and some eyebrows to share stories founded on integrity and empathy to create equitable change.

We are a force committed to listening, learning, and leading. We are not afraid to raise our hand, our voices, and some eyebrows to share stories founded on integrity and empathy to create equitable change.

Hi, there—I’m Vanessa (she/her)

A strategic consultant, single mom, DEIAB speaker, and status-quo skeptic who lives to tell inclusive stories.

I’m so glad you happened upon this place—welcome! When I think about where my story starts, I think about my lifelong love-affair with the art of storytelling. I read voraciously as a child—and when I discovered you could pursue journalism as a career, I knew I wanted to devote my life to listening to people and telling their stories.

That passion ultimately evolved into a commitment to not just telling any stories—but telling stories that put diverse perspectives at the forefront. Whether during my time in newsrooms, my role as a journalism professor, or my work in digital marketing—the common thread has always been a desire to help the places and people I serve diversify their coverage and their content.

meet the founder

meet the founder


In Print

I authored a chapter titled “Radio and Podcasting on the Latinx Community” for the book, Reporting on Latino/a/x Communities—with the goal of helping journalists speak with more diverse audiences through bilingual audio production. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of (and it’s absolutely worth a read!).


On the Mic

My TEDx talk, “I’m Mexican. Does that change your assumptions about me?” focuses on giving audiences a simple tactic to shift out of limiting assumptions and implicit bias, and into a place of openness and curiosity. Check it out here. (Psst…there’s more where that came from. Speaking engagements are one of my favorite things to do—reach out to learn more or to book.)


In the Classroom

Off the Clock

I secured over $100,000 in funding—including a $50,000 Online News Association award—to create and further the work of Noticiero Móvil, a first-of-its-kind bilingual news program aimed at improving coverage of Latinx issues in northern Nevada. Under my leadership, and thanks to my talented students, this program became not only sustainable—but deeply successful—and is now available as a formal degree emphasis.

Find me mountain biking, hiking, lifting weights, or spending time with my two kick-ass daughters. If you can’t find me there, I’m likely knee-deep in a life-giving combination of a good memoir and a home cooked meal. 

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It's all about the way  we work

Our goal is to guide our clients along an engaging and insightful path to finally finding “that thing” that’s been missing from your brand or organization. We’re not afraid to ask tough questions, sit in awkward silence, or challenge the status quo in the name of creating impactful work together. And while our project-management skills and pragmatism are second-to-none—our work is rooted in humanity, developed from a place of courage, and deeply attuned to your needs. Here, sound strategies are backed by serious strength (and lots of heart).

We want you to feel seen every step of the way—and to walk away with a meaningful product you’re psyched about shouting from the rooftops, sharing on social media, or spreading across the globe (internet breaking is always encouraged).

Why Vancourage?

what are we all about?

We start conversations that matter —and work to bring sustainable, equitable change to the narrative landscape

Our core values are rooted in seeking truth, speaking with courage, and centering stories around real experiences. Staying true to them is what allows us to deliver a product that expands your reach, furthers your mission, and gets decision makers giddy (yup—giddy).

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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safe spaces

We invite you into this work in a way that doesn’t make you feel shame—by creating an atmosphere where exploration, collaboration, and questions are always encouraged. You don’t need to understand all of the nuances of diverse storytelling or Latinx marketing (that’s what we’re here for!). Instead, you simply need the right intentions and a willingness to do good work. 



We’ve spent a lifetime being “the only” or one of the few—Latine woman, single mom, Spanish-speaking person—in any given room. We understand how important it is to approach a project from an entirely different space than the majority, which allows us to help organizations identify their blind spots and improve in meaningful ways.

Go ahead—speak freely.

The hats we wear look a little different.


As journalists we know: Curiosity without judgment is our greatest tool in this work. We ask thoughtful questions, actively listen to the answers…then research deeply, think hard, and dream big about how we can translate that information into something actionable, accessible, and exciting.



We’re deeply creative at heart—but we always create from a space of intention and ethics. We work hard to get the story right (meticulous research and substantiating sources is our jam)—and we lean into documentary-style filmmaking centered around real experiences, rather than producing the same-old “brand fluff” content that aims to sell without substance or strategy. 

Ask and then ask again. Then actually listen.

Research, reputable sources…and more research.

shall we continue this story?

If you align with our values and can get behind our commitment to inclusive storytelling—we have a feeling you’ll dig the offerings and experience we have in store.

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