Bilingual storytelling and strategic consulting for brands, organizations, and people who are deeply committed to amplifying diverse voices and doing things differently.

If you believe in advancing diversity far beyond the point of being a buzzword—welcome. This is your place, and we’re your strategists.

You’re committed to doing good in  this world

Whether yours is an organization that’s been committed to activism since its start—or a company that’s just digging into DEI work and beginning to run community-engagement initiatives—we’re here to help you distill, develop, and distribute authentic stories that share the diverse voices and perspectives of the people you serve.

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Let’s create inclusive content that showcases that


The founder of this strategic storytelling house we call Vancourage

I'm a born storyteller, bilingual editorial consultant, and Latinx marketer who’s committed my 15+-year career to bringing diverse narratives—and meaningful conversations—along with me to every newsroom, classroom, and ad-agency boardroom I've been a part of. 

Together with my team, we bring extensive experience as journalists, editors, and community-engagement strategists to the table. But more importantly—we bring a deeply fresh perspective, dang good questions, and an innate knack for the kind of storytelling that adds meaning, makes waves, and moves the needle.

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madre soltera
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status-quo skeptic

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But First, About You 

You’re here because you’re doing the work—and you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you take things to the next level of impact. An experienced journalist who can produce content that reflects your values by centering the voices and lived experiences of folx who often are excluded. A trusted storyteller who asks the right questions and comes up with smart solutions rooted in fresh perspectives. An experienced Latinx marketer with the lived experiences, editorial acumen, and bilingual skills you need to make a positive, lasting impact on this world.  

So wait—what do we actually do?

We create (really great) content that reflects your values and inspires equitable change

From bilingual storytelling concepts that engage Latino/a/x audiences you may be missing out on—to brand-discovery work that helps you communicate your values clearly—we draw on our background in solutions journalism, strategic communications, and digital marketing to create the kind of content this world needs more of (much, much more). 

Create meaningful content—and then get it seen and shared.

Reach Latinx communities in a way that engages, excites, and resonates.

Unearth your key messages and communicate them with confidence.

Podcasts, interviews, brand videos, audio stories. You name it, we conceptualize and create it from a place of intention and with an eye firmly focused on inclusion—and then distribute it strategically in all of the spaces you need to be.

When Google translate doesn’t exactly cut it (spoiler alert: nunca lo es), you need the guidance of a bilingual storyteller and seasoned Latinx marketer who doesn’t just understand the culture—but actually lives it.

You have an incredible story. But communicating it? That’s where you get tripped up. We’ll help you develop and put a megaphone to the messages that attract folx who are aligned with your values.

Built on the belief that creativity, collaboration, and courage in storytelling should be commonplace.

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