Browse answers to frequently asked questions to get a better feel for our preferences, process, and pricing—and to determine if we’re a great fit.

Feeling seen and heard starts right here

01. Do you offer translation services? 

Our preference is always to develop original and robust content for Spanish-speaking communities. Translation does not equal inclusion; language is not always the only barrier. 

However, if you have an existing piece of work you'd like to translate for copy or transcripts for accessibility purposes, we have the experts on staff to help.

02. Where are you based and what markets do you serve?

We are located in beautiful Reno/Tahoe. Thanks to digital magic and the wonder of the world wide web, we are happy to serve clients globally.

03. I know I'm missing out on reaching Spanish speakers—but I don't know how to go about attracting them or speaking to them. Can you help?

Absolutely! This is the work we love (and live!) to do. We don’t ever expect our clients to know the best routes to reach Spanish speakers or exactly what to say to them—that’s our job. We’ll step in and perform plenty of research and analyses in order to recommend effective outreach tactics—and compelling messaging points—for your goals.

04. I already have a videographer—but I need someone to manage the project. Can you help?

Of course! In our heart of hearts, we are editors. We know just how to identify story arcs, oversee and conduct interviews, make smart suggestions, and weave everything together in one cohesive, compelling piece. We work incredibly well with videographers—allowing them to do the capturing, while we handle the storytelling and project management.

05. My company isn't exclusively committed to activism or BIPOC issues, but we want to get more into DEI initiatives.  Are we a right fit?

We might be a fit! While we work with plenty of nonprofits dedicated to advancing BIPOC- or sustainability-related issues, we also work with companies across an array of industries (tourism, finance, healthcare, etc.) who aren’t solely in the activism space. If you have: a project or initiative that aligns with our values, good intentions, a willingness to be vulnerable, and the desire to think critically about how you can do things differently—we would love to lend our strategic consulting or bilingual storytelling services to your cause.

06. I'm worried a project of this scale might just give me something else to manage that I don't have the time for. Is this going to add tons of additional work to my plate?

While we’ll need you engaged along the way, we handle all of the moving pieces and project management ourselves, without inundating you with unnecessary information. We are incredibly organized and—we’ll be real: annoyingly pragmatic. We stick to our deadlines, track our hours diligently, and create the kind of timelines and spreadsheets that are the things organizational dreams are made of. Your job is to tell us your goals, budget, and wishes for our work together—and ours is to keep things running on-time and on-budget as we take care of every last step in between discovery and delivery.

07. Does diversity have to be a part of our work together—what if we just need a really great commercial or promotional piece?

We prefer to only develop stories that feature diverse characters or stories in some way—and we also shy away from creating brand-fluff pieces or commercials. This doesn’t necessarily mean the people we work with are always womxn or BIPOC—we work with all kinds of inspiring individuals, just as long as the end-product we’re creating either features or has an impact on diverse communities and audiences.

08. Do you do on-camera work?

We do! Our past life as a news anchor and reporter means we’re incredibly comfortable on camera. We are happy to act as on-camera bilingual talent if your project calls for it.